Normal Baggage Guide

The free baggage allowances are as followings:
Business Class  30kg(66lbs)
Economy Class  20kg(44lbs)
In excess of such allowances the excess baggage charges shall be paid.
Cabin Baggage
Those articles which are suitable to be carried in the passenger cabin, such as a portable computer or attache case, are allowed to be with passengers in cabin.
It should be suitable for placing in the closed overhead rack or under the passenger’s seat provided that the total sum of its three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm(45 inches) and the total weight does not exceed 5 kg.
Each passenger may carry one piece of those above-mentioned articles.
The weight of carry-on baggage will be included in the free baggage allowance.
 Restricted/Dangerous Articles
For safety reasons, the following articles shall not be carried within, or as part of passenger’s baggage;
·Briefcases and attache cases with installed alarm devices
·Compressed gases such as camping gas
·Corrosives such as acids, alkalis and wet cell batteries
·Explosives, munitions, fireworks and flares
·Oxidizing materials, poisonous materials, radioactive materials, offensive or irritating materials