Online Booking Guide

Welcome to Air Koryo homepage!

If you want booking a flight, you have to first register as a customer on homepage so that you can check the result of your requesting and issuing ticket.

6 steps for online booking;

Step 1. Flight Search by From, To, Date and Seats

-         Online booking can be made for up to 10 passengers (including children) per flights departing after 10 days from today.

Step 2. Flight & Class select

-         Any flight and class available for your request can be selected.

Step 3. Entering travellers’ information

-         Accurate information in English as it appears on the travellers’ passports must be entered.

Step 4. Confirm of items entered

-         You can confirm all information of date, flight, service class, travellers and fares.

Step 5. Payment

-         Payment should be done before expiry date as specified, unless your booking request would be automatically cancelled.

-         You can pay to any of the specified Banks. Air Koryo will do our best for you to pay easily during the payment transaction in the near future and sorry for the inconveniences caused to you.

Step 6. Notice of Payment and Issuing of e-Ticket

-         After the payment, please submit the payment information on the web site.

-         Once customer’s payment is accepted, Itinerary Receipt will be sent to customer’s e-mail address.

Passengers who want to travel by Air Koryo will agree to the Regulations and Conditions for Air Transportation of Air Koryo.